Tutorial dates have shown up…

Unfortunately they are all in Leeds which is a bit of a pain to get to especially just for a couple of hours, but will have to link it in with other things or it just wouldn’t be worth the money in petrol and parking, so I suppose shopping or nip down to Wakefield for the sculpture park and some galleries.

Still looking forward to them though.

Still have to get the diary up to date with study plans and such, so will slot these dates into the diary and on a quick look they don’t seem to clash with anything else 🙂

Started Week 1

I thought that since I had received all my materials and had organised my study space that I would start reading and taking notes…

Probably a good idea as I really seem to be out of practice and find it difficult to concentrate for any length of time and my note taking skills are non-existant at the moment, so I think I will use these two weeks before the start to brush up on these skills again.

At least my typing skills haven’t disappeared!

All the materials seem very interesting and I am starting to see how they fit together.

AP Monthly Competition – September 2013

This months competition is ‘Reach for the Skies’

The sky is big. Your imagination is bigger. Skies and skylines are the gifts that keep on giving. You have many options here. Angle your camera upwards, create a pan-stitch, look out over the city skyline from the tallest building you can get legal access to or fill the frame with the bruised winter clouds – just as long as the sky is involved in some way.

I’ve quite a few from the archive and some newer ones, so here we go. Still not made my mind up though I’m leaning towards one of the first three, all from Newcastle.

Bowes Museum

I’ve visited the Bowes Museum to get my six month pass and have an initial sortie through the artifacts – making a shortlist of works (small list of artifacts from 1400 to 1530) for the Independent Essay and to place them physically within a map of the museum.

Will be keeping the Bowes visitor information leaflet in the back of the Moleskine as a reference to where the art is located, notations of location on the map.

Gallery J

main painting galleries on the top floor – turn left

  1. Master of the Virgo inter Virgines,
    Crucifixion Altarpiece 1490
    Oil on panel
    Dutch school
    – triptych showing the stations of the cross, the crucifixion and taking Christ off the cross
    – only one black person, very stereotyped
  2. Jan van Scorel,
    Adoration of the Shepherds 1521/22
    Oil on panel
    Dutch school
  3. After Albrecht Dürer (1471 – 1528),
    Adam and Eve
    Oil on panel
    German school
  4. Master of St. Severin (active c.1485 – 1515),
    The Raising of Lazarus (verso. Adoration of the Magi
    Oil and tempera on panel
    German school
  5. Juan de Borgoña (active 1494 – 1536)
    St. Gregory and St. Augustine c.1510
    St. Jerome and St. Ambrose c.1510
    Tempera and gold on panel
    Spanish school
  6. Master of Palanquinos (active 1490 – 1500)
    St. Paul
    Oil on panel
    Spanish school
  7. The Man of Sorrows
    c.15th century
    Oil on panel
    Flemish school
  8. Stafano di Giovanni Sassetta (1392 – 1450)
    A Miracle of the Eucharist c.1425
    Tempera and gold on panel
    Italian school
  9. After Raphael (1483 – 1520)
    The Holy Family with St. Elizabeth and St. John the Baptist 1520
    Oil on panel
    Spanish school
  10. After Andrea Solario (c.1465 – 1524)
    The Head of the Baptist on a Tazza
    Oil on panel
    Italian school
  11. Follower of Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449 – 1494)
    Madonna and Child
    Tempera on panel
    Italian school
  12. Andrea Solario (c.1465 – 1524)
    St. Jerome in the Wilderness c.1510-15
    Oil on panel
    Italian school
  13. Attributed to Jan Provost (c.1465 – 1529)
    Adoration of the Magi with St. John the Baptist, St. Anne and Donors 1515-20
    Oil on panel
    Flemish school
  14. After Dirk Bouts (c.1400 – 1475)
    The Head of St. John the Baptist
    Tempera on panel
    Dutch School
  15. Master of the View of St. Gudule (active c.1465 – 1500)
    The Passion Altarpiece c.1480 – 1485
    Oil on panel
    Flemish school
    – Belgian hammer mark on back of altarpiece – Brussels sculptors guild mark
    – possibly a good piece to work with, need to look into what information there is for the piece

Gallery I

Opposite silver swan

  1. St. Sebastian
    Silver and silver-gilt
    Spanish 1523

MFA Hatton Gallery 2013 – Newcastle University

Again I came across this by accident, and again it was the last day so I really couldn’t dedicate as much time to looking at the works as I would like to. Disappointingly there didn’t seem to be a catalogue of the works as in the earlier BA show had.

Information was much harder to come by this time as well, fewer of the artists had cards or flyers to even give contact points, I eventually found the site for the show but that wasn’t that easy either.

So onto the artists (in no particular order);

  1. Lyn Hagan (in collaboration with Agustin Fernandez
    ‘Tony and Angela – The Opera’
    sound work with embroidered dress, referencing Maxican drug culture and cartels, murder, hail terms, romance between Tony and Angela – the ‘soap’ opera
    Also ‘Drug Tales’, ‘Love Tales’, and ‘Crime Tales’
  2. Vivianne Chatel
    ‘Whence comes the light’
    large cardboard structures intersecting with the space of the room, making new spaces and habitations within the installation – entrances and exits through the structures inviting exploration, layers
  3. Gareth Hudson
    ‘In Ecstasy’
    large video/light/sound piece – visceral, mythical, ecstatic, using choral sounds linked with slowed video from a heavy metal concert – passion
  4. Zoe Allen
    ‘Genius Loci’
    found object sculptures, exploring spatial relationships/juxtapositions
  5. Bex Harvey
  6. Lorna Bryan
  7. Kevin Christensen
  8. Imogen Coates
    fantastical creatures – anime, disney, mythic
  9. Iolando Rocha
    ‘Interweaving and crisscrossing’
    raised shanty town structure – reminded me of the bridge from William Gibson – overhanging, accretion – growing through the structure of the exhibition space – barred on the inside – no thoroughfare
  10. Scott Aaron Tait
    ‘We are the forest dwellers’
    sound and video – dodecahedrons – private mythology
  11. Jennifer Prevatt
    papercut forest with sound piece – alluding to Sleeping Beauty, roses and thorns, an inked forest
  12. Kate Liston and Dan Wilde
    spatial sculpture with sound and video – reimagining of domestic/office spaces
  13. Theresa Poulton
  14. William Flynn
    pencil exploration of textures, quite lo-fi, inhabited the long gallery really well
  15. Joshua Ipoot
  16. Rebecca Woods
    ‘Story House’
    dark, wondrous, childhood – lamps, magic lanterns, whispered words
  17. Samantha Cary
  18. Sam Thorpe
  19. Kathryn Brame
  20. Katie Dent

If I’ve missed anyone, either the room wasn’t open or I just couldn’t find it in the lovely maze of the department rooms and corridors.