Starting out

Just starting out this journal for my work and other artistic ventures.

Whilst thinking about this journal as a notebook and place to collect materials I realised I’ve been making most of my work with my iPhone. This is written, photographs and research; all has been done on the mobile device.

I think it’s the convenience of the mobile device which makes all those tasks immediate and linked, it has almost become an electronic extension of my thought process.

Ideas can be noted down, sketched, photographed, networked and then all brought together in one place such as this journal. This process can be interrupted, disjointed and chaotic as the outcome can always be edited: and then edited until content and the original is always there to go back to if mistakes are made.

So his journal will see my notes, thoughts, sketches, experiments and collections of others thoughts, ideas and inspirations and there may be a gem occasionally that could help and inspire others.

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