Norfolk Winter ’14

We have just come back from a very quiet Christmas week in Blakeney.

Didn’t do much apart from enjoy the silence and wide skies.

Oh and we went out to see the seal pups.

Norfolk 2013

These photos are from our week in Norfolk, based in Blakeney. What a wonderful area, only really used the car twice, once to get our bearings and once to visit Norwich.

Walking, cycling, trips and really good food, all quite locally meant that there was no need to go very far from the cottage.

One of the best parts of the trip was eating at The Moorings in Blakeney, some of the best food I’ve had in a restaurant, in a really nice setting, great service and all at a reasonable price.

Will definitely be going back to Blakeney in the future.

Some of the photos are from the iPhone, but as they say the best camera in the world is the one you have in your hand.


We went to visit Hanna’s Meadow at Baldersdale Reservoir to see the meadow before it was mown. This year though we were early and the flowers haven’t quite come to their best, looks like there may be a few weeks left until it all looks stunning.

A bonus was the find of the patch of bluebells down by the reservoir, a very peaceful spot to dip feet in the water on a hot day.

We will probably return in a few week to explore the meadow again.

War Photographer

The Side PhotoFilm Club showed “War Photographer”, a film about the war/conflict photographer James Nachtwey. This is part of the ongoing Side PhotoFilm Club’s program of films about photography.

Initially I felt a lot of antagonism toward the photographer, the act of him taking photographs felt very intrusive and aggressive, but as the film progressed it became obvious that though he was in the midst of the situations as they played out this was not in an intrusive or aggressive manner, but more as part of the event itself.

James Nachtwey’s obvious desire to precipitate change through his photography became the overarching theme of the film, his determination to show the horror of the events he photographed became a way of giving the victims a voice otherwise withheld.

He seemed to be held in awe by the other professionals (photographers, editors, film makers) that surrounded him, they all admired him but this did not seem to extend to friendship. Nachtwey came across as a very self-contained person with a single-minded determination to be in the centre of the action that elevated his work over that of other war/combat photographers.

These factors also seemed to have led to a very solitary lifestyle where he is in control of everything, the feeling I got was that is he didn’t maintain such control he may have flown to pieces as when he talked the passion and heart he had for the plight of the people he photographed shone out.

The images that James Nachtwey makes are very aesthetic as well as story telling, each one that was shown in the film seemed to have a great balance about them that made them more than just reportage.

A harrowing film that shows the horror of conflict/war/poverty in stark black and white, this is a kind of photography that brought stories to the world that couldn’t be ignored and is still required, probably more so now when there is less space in the mainstream media for this type of reportage.

Thanks Kerry for organising this 🙂 and I’m really looking forward to more good films and discussions to come.

Micro 4/3 camera

After owning a Full Frame Canon (5D Mk II) for a while, I felt that I was using my iPhone more often than not to take photos as the Canon was too heavy and cumbersome for me to carry around all the time.

A few years ago I owned a Panasonic GF1 (the image above was taken with this camera) so I decided to sell all my Canon equipment and go back to Micro 4/3. I now have a GX1 and GF2 body (both Panasonic) and several lenses. One of the bodies with a long lens on it still weighs less than the L lens I had on the camera, never mind the camera and lens. The other benefit is the GF2 and 20mm lens can fit in my pocket and looks like a compact camera making it perfect for street photography.

Looking forward to getting out and about and playing with the new equipment.