AP Monthly Competition – July 2013

Another month another entry into the competition.

This month it is Square Format.

Composing your shot to fit the frame is a key skill in photography. In our digital age we’re perhaps getting a little too comfortable with the standard rectangle format. It’s time to take it back and see what you can do with a square. 6×6 enthusiasts can manage it. Can you?

The first three images are all from the archive and again I will see if I can add anything that I’ve taken specifically for the month later

AP Monthly Competition – June 2013

This months brief is ‘Seeing Double / Reflections’

So far I’ve narrowed it down to these images from the archive and will see if I can make an image to fit the brief during the month.

AP Monthly Competition – May 2013

This month’s theme is ‘Looking Down’

The way you angle your camera can completely alter a shot. Just the simple act of pointing your camera down offers a unique perspective. And what do we see when we look through the viewfinder? That’s up to you.

The choices I have so far are these:

My initial thought is to go with the photograph of the man in the boats as there is a lot of structure to the image.

AP Monthly Competition – April 2013

Another month, another forum competition. This months theme is “Framing the Shot” – using a frame, natural or otherwise to make the shot.

These are my thoughts so far…

Three are from the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, I liked the way the windows framed people looking out.

Will still try to see if I can get a shot to the brief made this month.

AP Monthly Competition – March 2013

This months theme is ‘In the Shadows / Light and Dark’ and this is my shortlist of photographs for the forum competition.

My assignments for my B.T.E.C. are almost over, which means I will be able to concentrate more on my photography and such soon.

AP monthly competition – February 2013

The theme for this months AP forum competition is ‘The City Up Close’ and I am having difficulty choosing so I thought I would put them up in a gallery to get used to the different images and make my mind up at the end of the month, and if I take others during the month I can add them to this post.