AP Monthly Competition – September 2013

This months competition is ‘Reach for the Skies’

The sky is big. Your imagination is bigger. Skies and skylines are the gifts that keep on giving. You have many options here. Angle your camera upwards, create a pan-stitch, look out over the city skyline from the tallest building you can get legal access to or fill the frame with the bruised winter clouds – just as long as the sky is involved in some way.

I’ve quite a few from the archive and some newer ones, so here we go. Still not made my mind up though I’m leaning towards one of the first three, all from Newcastle.


We went to visit Hanna’s Meadow at Baldersdale Reservoir to see the meadow before it was mown. This year though we were early and the flowers haven’t quite come to their best, looks like there may be a few weeks left until it all looks stunning.

A bonus was the find of the patch of bluebells down by the reservoir, a very peaceful spot to dip feet in the water on a hot day.

We will probably return in a few week to explore the meadow again.

Bowes Show 2012

After living 25 years in Yorkshire and County Durham, we visited our first Agricultural Show over the weekend.

It was really fun, and I’m even tempted to get involved next years in some of the categories in the Industrial area, especially making a pizza.

These are the shots I enjoyed from the day.

edit: December 12th 2012
The image at the top of the page was taken at the Bowes Show earlier this year. Amateur Photographer has a monthly competition and this month’s is black and white/monotone, I really liked this picture so thought I should enter.

The competition can be quite stiff on the Amateur Photographer forums as there are really good photographers there, but it is always worth trying to enter to see where I rank and whether I get the brief right.