AP Monthly Competition – July 2013

Another month another entry into the competition.

This month it is Square Format.

Composing your shot to fit the frame is a key skill in photography. In our digital age we’re perhaps getting a little too comfortable with the standard rectangle format. It’s time to take it back and see what you can do with a square. 6×6 enthusiasts can manage it. Can you?

The first three images are all from the archive and again I will see if I can add anything that I’ve taken specifically for the month later


I was in Skinningrove for a course today and took the opportunity to take some photographs as it was quite misty making the area look quite sinister and I just don’t get to Skinningrove that often as it’s off the beaten track (unless of course you’re on the Cleveland Way).

There is an old quay used for loading ships with ironstone from the works above the village and this has become quite derelict and has some great textures and lines.

Some of the shots had a very post-apocalyptic feel, or flavours of the Eastern Bloc before the fall of the Soviet Union, this wasn’t helped by the lack of people around. The only people I saw were fishing but they were all dressing in combat clothing so giving strength to the feeling of a bleak post-apocalyptic landscape.