I’ve started having ideas for new projects whilst having thoughts of improving/advancing existing projects.

Projects I’m working on at the moment are:

Prayers of Steel

A collection of found photographs of The Angel of the North, with the words of the original posts on various social media sites included.

These are then transformed into various objects to showcase the position that the statue has gained in the psychogeography of the North of England.

In 2023 it is the 25th anniversary of the sculptures completion and I will be producing a book of these images to coincide with that anniversary.

‘untitled (barriers)’

This is a working title at the moment, the images are images of hot house plants in various botanical gardens in the temperate North struggling to escape their confinement with no consequence to their ultimate demise if they left that protected area.




First coined by Marion Shoard, the term edgelands refers to those in-between spaces created by urbanisation where space for nature still persists alongside cities, towns, shopping centres, motorways, canals, and so on. These zones sit between urban and rural areas, and they also sit uneasily between the two categories of urban and rural, often defying an easy definition.

forbidden / forgotten

Untitled (forgotten / forbidden)

Untitled (forgotten / forbidden)

A project investigating the space that’s been left by the change in attitude to photographing children in public and looking at what’s been left behind. Most of the images are taken on an iPhone.


Desire Lines

Desire Lines

Again another working title, looking at desire lines/paths in urban and rural areas, marked paths by humans and animals

Dere Street

Another exploration of boundaries to our natural world, human imposed ‘ends’.

Dere Street or Deere Street is a modern designation of a Roman road which ran north from Eboracum (York), crossing Stanegate at Corbridge (Hadrian’s Wall was crossed at the Portgate, just to the north) and continuing beyond into what is now Scotland, later at least as far as the Antonine Wall. Portions of its route are still followed by modern roads, including the A1 (south of the River Tees) and the A68 north of Corbridge.