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Wish List

This is a wish list (shopping list) of bits and pieces that I want/need for my working practice, this will be added to and updated as and when

– [ ] Light Box
– [ ] 3D Printer
– [ ] Laser Etcher
– [ ] Acrylic and MDF cutter
– [ ] Print dryer
– [ ] Print press
– [ ] Lightproof storage
– [ ] Casting materials
– [x] Clipboard
– [ ] Dremel and accessories
– [x] Glue gun and sticks
– [ ] Vice
– [x] Square Rule
– [x] Large Steel Rule
– [x] Scalpel and Blades
– [ ] 46mm Polariser

Cyanotype toolsunknown.gif

  • hake brushes
  • UV light source 
  • ferric ammonium citrate 
  • 2 dark glass bottles (Hendrick’s Gin?) 
  • mixing cups (glass) 
  • measuring beakers (glass) 
  • glass stirring rods (various lengths) 
  • black-out material 
  • clothes line (negative line – plastic) 
  • pegs (plastic) 
  • plastic clamps 
  • print drying rack 
  • glass contact frame (A2? – make this?) 
  • potassium ferricyanide 
  • water (for mixing chemicals – distilled) 
  • protective gloves (blue)
  • safe light (yellow?) 
  • sticky velcro (for shed window) 
  • plastic developing trays
  • light sealed boxes (from Silverlight?)
  • glass chemical roller 

Japanese Woodblock Tools

• baren, medium 8 strand and fine baren
• hangito, knife, various sizes
• sankakuto, v-shaped gouge, various sizes
• komasuki, round gouge, various sizes
• aisuki, flat-bladed chisel
• marunomi, large round chisel
• wooden mallet
• soainomi, clearing chisel
• kentonomi, alignment tool

Basic set of tools
• hangito, 6mm
• komasuki, 4.5mm
• aisuki, 4.5mm
• sankakuto, 3mm
• marunomi, 12mm shallow, 6mm deep
• soainomi, 18mm
• kentonomi, standard size, approx. 15mm

• arato, coarse
• chuto, medium
• shiagelo, fine
• nagura
• cylindrical and triangular slipstones

• hake
• marubake
• hakobi
• tokibo
• dosabake
• mizubake

all from the book Japanese Woodblock Printing – Rebecca Salter
ISBN# – 0-7136-5297-7

Getting Out

I’ve been going through my archive of recent photographs and realised that in the last two years I’ve taken 17 photographs using an actual camera and have used my phone for everything else.

Laziness, convenience, ‘the best camera is the one that you have with you’, these are all excuses as my main camera is a mirrorless Panasonic, compact and light.

I’ve sorted out my normal bag and made space for the Panasonic with a 20mm fixed lens to sit in there at all times so that I may use that more often than I have been and use the phone much less.

The first challenge is to go around a walk I do on a Sunday but without company so I can stop and take as much time as I want exploring the area by myself.

The walk follows the footpath around the edge of my town, on one side suburbia, on the other farmland, a true edgeland followed by a small beck for some of the way and the Tees for some of the way.

There’s some industrial works, some farming and lots of trees and paths.

Let’s see what we see

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Another note from my iPhone.

I am in Edinburgh for the weekend working, this will be the first time I’ve been alone in Edinburgh for coming on 30 years.

I did the tourist walk; along the West End, up Lothian Road, through the Meadows down South Bridges, the Royal Mile up to the Castle and then back to the hotel.

Strange emotions, strange seeing the place again after so many years of popping up for family visits without really visiting the city.

The walk gave me ideas for another series of photographs, but these are Edinburgh centric and will take a while to compose and collect.

‘Sins of the Father’ first two notes are places I saw my dad coming out of:

the Western Bar has been there forever and doesn’t seem to have changed much, but the Bingo Hall used to be Edinburgh’s ‘adult’ cinema.

This is a start and how much of this I go into is still to be decided.