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Planet Mother Fucker

Planet Mother Fucker

I was in Skinningrove for a course quite a while back and took the opportunity to take some photographs as it was quite misty making the area look quite sinister and I just don’t get to Skinningrove that often as it’s off the beaten track (unless of course you’re on the Cleveland Way).

There is an old quay used for loading ships with ironstone from the works above the village and this has become quite derelict and has some great textures and lines.

Some of the shots had a very post-apocalyptic feel, or flavours of the Eastern Bloc before the fall of the Soviet Union, this wasn’t helped by the lack of people around. The only people I saw were fishing but they were all dressing in combat clothing so giving strength to the feeling of a bleak post-apocalyptic landscape.

Sage Gateshead

I’m entering a competition at lensculture and I’m thinking of entering a series rather than just a single picture.

So far I’ve got nine from various visits to the Sage, Gateshead. Another significant architectural and cultural landmark in the North East commissioned by Gateshead Council in their bid to use the arts as a regenerative force.

Internally there are areas that hark to the shape of ships and link with the use of Newcastle/Gateshead as an important port and ship building area.

I’ll be adding more to these as I decide which ones I want to use.

Palace Hub Gallery in Redcar

After a lot of thought I finally decided to submit some of my photographic work to the Palace Hub Gallery in Redcar to see if I could get some exhibited.

The series was photographs of Redcar beach on a wintery dawn, which gave a really lovely blue cast to the sky.

I’ve had three accepted for the group exhibition šŸ™‚

This really means I have to get more work done on my website in preparation for these being shown, and to keep moving forward with my practice.

Annoyingly though I had forgotten that there was also an alternative process exhibition which I could have submitted Cyanotype images into.