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Getting Out

I’ve been going through my archive of recent photographs and realised that in the last two years I’ve taken 17 photographs using an actual camera and have used my phone for everything else.

Laziness, convenience, ‘the best camera is the one that you have with you’, these are all excuses as my main camera is a mirrorless Panasonic, compact and light.

I’ve sorted out my normal bag and made space for the Panasonic with a 20mm fixed lens to sit in there at all times so that I may use that more often than I have been and use the phone much less.

The first challenge is to go around a walk I do on a Sunday but without company so I can stop and take as much time as I want exploring the area by myself.

The walk follows the footpath around the edge of my town, on one side suburbia, on the other farmland, a true edgeland followed by a small beck for some of the way and the Tees for some of the way.

There’s some industrial works, some farming and lots of trees and paths.

Let’s see what we see

Starting again

I’ve realised that it has been almost a year since I have been out with any camera other than the one on my phone.

It has also been a while, almost six months, since I seriously worked on any of my projects.

There have been personal reasons for this but I feel that I’m now on the other side of the worst of these problems and I’m now able to invest time back into my art/photography and other projects.

I’ve started having ideas for new projects whilst having thoughts of improving/advancing existing projects.

With this in mind I’m going to work through my image archive with a far more critical eye than previously, if an image doesn’t fit an idea either aesthetically of lyrically it will be archived on another storage device for future though/use (unless it is a complete bag of then it’s binned).

Projects I’m working on at the moment are:

Prayers of Steel

A collection of found photographs of The Angel of the North, with the words of the original posts on various social media sites included.

These are then transformed into various objects to showcase the position that the statue has gained in the psychogeography of the North of England.

In 2018 it is the 20th anniversary of the sculptures completion and I will be producing a book of these images to coincide with that anniversary.

‘untitled (barriers)’

This is a working title at the moment, the images are images of hot house plants in various botanical gardens in the temperate North struggling to escape their confinement with no consequence to their ultimate demise if they left that protected area.


Again another working title, looking at desire lines/paths in urban and rural areas, marked paths by humans and animals