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Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Another note from my iPhone.

I am in Edinburgh for the weekend working, this will be the first time I’ve been alone in Edinburgh for coming on 30 years.

I did the tourist walk; along the West End, up Lothian Road, through the Meadows down South Bridges, the Royal Mile up to the Castle and then back to the hotel.

Strange emotions, strange seeing the place again after so many years of popping up for family visits without really visiting the city.

The walk gave me ideas for another series of photographs, but these are Edinburgh centric and will take a while to compose and collect.

‘Sins of the Father’ first two notes are places I saw my dad coming out of:

the Western Bar has been there forever and doesn’t seem to have changed much, but the Bingo Hall used to be Edinburgh’s ‘adult’ cinema.

This is a start and how much of this I go into is still to be decided.


Went for a walk around Edinburgh Botanical Gardens today and was caught by how many plants were trying to press through the glass of the hothouses, I don’t think I’ve really noticed that before.

It was cold and wet out, yet these hothouse plants didn’t want to be confined and wanted to grow as they would even though if they got out they would die.


Curators in Gallery

Curators in Gallery

In contemporary art, the title curator is given to a person who organizes an exhibition. In this context, to curate means to select works of art and arrange them to achieve a desired effect. This might involve finding a strategy for display. Thematic, conceptual and formal approaches are all prevalent. In addition to selecting works, the curator often is responsible for writing labels, catalog essays and other supporting content for the exhibition. Such curators may be permanent staff members, may be ‘guest curators’ from an affiliated organization or university, or be ‘freelance curators’ working on a consultancy basis.The late 20th century saw an explosion of artists organizing exhibitions The artist-curator has a long tradition of influence. Notable among these was Sir Joshua Reynolds, founder of the Royal Academy.

More recent advances in new technologies has led to the further widening of the role of the curator. This has been focused in major art institutions internationally and has become an object of academic study and research.