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A simple pricing plan for ease of mind, every site is the same annual price.

£300 per year for hosting, domain renewal and domain management.


We have been designing websites for friends and family since 1998 and have recently expanded into designing websites as a commercial venture through word of mouth. We are based in the North East of England but have made sites for people as far away as the USA.

We specialise in simple, clear, and concise sites which comply with internet accessibility ideas, browser compatibility and web standards, ensuring that these do not interfere with our clients expectations and satisfaction with the finished product.

We initially started with static HTML sites for information that doesn’t change that often, but have recently branched into setting up forums, content management systems, online shops and wikis, all of which requires client interaction. We have also been able to setup working themes for these that are to our clients tastes and needs. We are willing to discuss any project big or small, but we are geared to working for small businesses, charities, groups and individuals, giving the time and attention to make the design process a personal experience. This has been helpful to some of our clients who are relatively new to having a site of their own to think about, ensuring that they are comfortable in contacting us for help and advice on any matter concerning their site, and sometimes just for general help and advice.

We are based in the North East of England but are able to travel to most UK-based areas at relatively short notice if you require a face-to-face consultation, though every site we’ve made has been designed by discussion over the telephone, email or chat.

Pro Bono Work

If you are a small charity, voluntary organisation, NGO or other public-minded body and need work done on your site, either complete design or maintenance, please contact me. I take on a small number of such projects each year free, or at a nominal rate.


Date: 12/05/2017

Client: Aspiring Care

Skills: Wordpress, Copy Writing, Design

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I am currently working on a site called 'Aspiring Care', the client wanted a site that they could update themselves once the initial work has been done.

This site will pull together lots of various information regarding childcare in the UK, including Educaton Authorities, Therapists, different syndromes, and other useful information to parents, children and those who work with both.

The client is leaving a lot of the copy writing to me, but is supplying me with the information to turn into legible web copy.


These are the main services I offer, please use the contact form at the bottom to enquire about these.

Web Sites

£300 per year for a managed website, HTML or Wordpress, including 12hrs maintenance, and annual hosting and domain renewal.

Setup cost is dependent on the amount of content on the site and is charged at £20 per hour.


Hosting is extremely simple, with only two packages.

£39.99 per annum with a free .com or .org domain renewal.

£29.99 per annum with a free or domain renewal.

Domain Names

We can purchase most types of domains, from the more common ones such as .com and, to the more unusual, such as .luxury and .ninja.

Prices range from £9.50 per annum to in the hundreds for some of the more esoteric extensions.

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If you have any questions or want to talk about possible work why not get in touch, I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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